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Musician needed! Paying job (EDIT: Musician found!)

2014-04-29 17:12:34 by Lankie

EDIT: Wow! I wasn't expecting so many people to respond! Thank you all for your interest! I have chosen a composer to work with.

Hey, I am an animator looking for a musician for a student project.

I require an electronic/action soundtrack for a short animation about robot knights. Something similar to the soundtracks of FTL, Far cry 3: Blood Dragon, Portal 2. If you can work with chiptunes that would be a bonus but is not 100% necessary.

animation will be roughly 4 minutes in length, animatic is complete and can be seen here:

Deadline for this is tight - would need to be completed by 12th of May, if done any earlier even better.

Definitely a paying job, PM me to discuss it and get further details, please provide examples of work.


I may or may not just copied my post from the colabinator. Not 100% sure if that's frowned upon round these parts but I'm getting a little desperate. I appreciate that the deadline is ludicrously tight, especially for 4 minutes of soundtrack, so I'm not looking for something ridiculously detailed dense. And again, you can get some money out of this.

Throw me a PM if any of you are interested.




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2014-04-29 17:44:02

Sorry I'm not a composer but you short looks great.
Try this guy he's pretty good.

(Updated ) Lankie responds:

Thank you!
And thanks for the recommendation, I'll look into if for sure. (:


2014-04-29 20:54:31

you should post here man:
will definitely get some people offering :)

Lankie responds:

That was my initial plan but I figured it would be frowned upon since the collabinator exists for teaming up with people. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that the collabinator gets much views.

I'll definitely utilise the forums in the future though, thanks for the tip!


2014-04-29 21:03:29

Really interesting! These are my soundcloud (EDM) (experimental electronic)

I'll be waiting for your response!

Lankie responds:

Hey! Thanks for the interest! Unfortunately I have picked out someone else to compose the soundtrack.


2014-04-30 02:54:03

Intresting animation :)

Here is some of my work
Anyway the thing is I've pretty much given up music production and started to make 3D-models and drawings (drawings are mainly character ideas etc).
However everything you see in my NG audio channel is free. So if you find something intresting from there feel free to use it as you wish. Also I prolly can make some simple similar style intros and outros if needed (atm got only basic FL studio without any VSTis installed).

Gl for your work it looks very intresting! ^^

Lankie responds:

Thanks for the offer! Some of this stuff is really good. c:


2014-04-30 11:25:55

Which composer did you pick?

Lankie responds:

I chose Blordow! He seems like a stand up guy.


2014-04-30 12:58:00

An excellent choice.