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Musician needed! Paying job (EDIT: Musician found!)

2014-04-29 17:12:34 by Lankie

EDIT: Wow! I wasn't expecting so many people to respond! Thank you all for your interest! I have chosen a composer to work with.

Hey, I am an animator looking for a musician for a student project.

I require an electronic/action soundtrack for a short animation about robot knights. Something similar to the soundtracks of FTL, Far cry 3: Blood Dragon, Portal 2. If you can work with chiptunes that would be a bonus but is not 100% necessary.

animation will be roughly 4 minutes in length, animatic is complete and can be seen here:

Deadline for this is tight - would need to be completed by 12th of May, if done any earlier even better.

Definitely a paying job, PM me to discuss it and get further details, please provide examples of work.


I may or may not just copied my post from the colabinator. Not 100% sure if that's frowned upon round these parts but I'm getting a little desperate. I appreciate that the deadline is ludicrously tight, especially for 4 minutes of soundtrack, so I'm not looking for something ridiculously detailed dense. And again, you can get some money out of this.

Throw me a PM if any of you are interested.



5th Stage

2012-06-11 12:35:15 by Lankie

And so my NATA run draws to a close.

My novice round toon 5th Stage was outscored in the end by VieRickend's GROWIN' UP (which amassed the highest score out of everyone's entries with 91! Holy Moley!)

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty gutted about it, but to be honest I kinda expected this outcome. VieRickend's work is pretty friggin' amazing and looks mighty professional, I was honestly surprised I got within ten marks of the guy.

Still, I guess it isn't all bad, NATA was pretty much taking up all my free time before, so it'll be nice to be free for a while. Also I can't believe I made two animations in the space of about 55 days! I figured that was impossible before this tournament!

As for what I'm going to do now, well i'm going to try and finish off this other animation I've been sitting on for a good year now, finally going to do some video work after far too long and get caught up on all my other arty stuff, which I've been neglecting for the past month or two.


2011-08-22 08:52:21 by Lankie

Alternate title: News post to get rid of year old terrible news post.

Thank you for the daily second prize and nice comments and all that jazz on Derek the Bear! It certainly did a lot better than I expected to!

There'll be more animation heading Newgrounds-wards soon and I really mean it this time! Not like the bullshit procrastination filled lies of yesteryear oh no! Though it might be a while till it comes round, Derek the Bear took about a week to make, this animation took 3 weeks to get 25% of it done! (Though don't let that be an indicator of the quality of it. Hurr Hurr Self-deprecation.)

In other news, i'll be going to Leedsfest soon! In two days in fact! Should be awesome, though I am slightly paranoid i'll get mugged, drugged, trampled or generally fucked. But it'll probably be all fine!


In other, other news (because evidently you need to know this for some reason.) about a week after Leedsfest i'm going to the Leeds College of Art to learn about animation, digital film and game design! It's basically going to be amazing. Of course, I've never been to any university style place before so it's probably going to be overwhelming and mega-stressful but SHHHHH don't ruin the magic!

New animation will probably be out September time, hopefully!

Thanks again!


Thanks Guys!

2010-01-20 16:23:56 by Lankie

Well my weekly second spot/ reign of infinite terror is over. Hopefully I can catch up on replying to all those reviews! ^^

Just wanted to say thank you for quite frankly an overwhelming response for 'A Letter from God'! I never thought it would be as popular as it was! You made a British Teenager a very happy boy! I must end every sentence with an exclamation mark!

I'm already scripting/working on my next animation. Rest assured its not a morally questioning hyper conundrum thant the Letter was. Humour and funtimes are inbound! Oh and better animation; mega promise.

In the meantime I am completley addicted to this song. See ya!


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Gods pissed!

2010-01-08 14:48:20 by Lankie

just look at that angry letter!

here the youtube version:

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Also total watch it here on Newgrounds and such...

A letter from God

Hurah my first animation

2008-04-12 07:39:17 by Lankie

Yay I made my first animation ever
please go watch it and be gentle

hopefully this will be a good start for me on Newground, I mean I hope it doesn't get blammed *prays to ng gods*
I feel that ive done pretty well on it, its no masterpiece but then again it is my first animation EVER
oh and theres a (kinda) little scene at the end of the credits so make sure you watch that!

Hurah my first animation